THE BRONX - A grand jury today handed down an eight-count indictment against Levi Aron, including two counts of felony murder, in connection with the death of 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky.

The medical examiner says the boy, who was abducted off a Brooklyn street, killed and dismembered last week, was given a combination of drugs before he was smothered.

Police say Kletzky got lost leaving day camp and asked the suspect for help before he was killed.

Aron has pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and kidnapping.

Police say video cameras captured their fateful encounter while Kletzky's mother waited anxiously just a few blocks away. Detectives later found the boy's severed feet, wrapped in plastic, in Aron's freezer, as well as a cutting board and three bloody carving knives.

Officials say that Kletzky may have stayed in Aron's apartment on his own while the suspect went to work and that Aron only killed the boy after becoming spooked by the massive search for the missing child.

Meanwhile, Kletzky's family emerged today from the traditional weeklong Jewish mourning period after thousands of neighbors and city officials visited to pay their respects.

AP wire services contributed to this report

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