THE BRONX - Organizers of a Bronx Little League say a ball field in Crotona Park floods every time it rains, and the Parks Department is not doing anything to improve the situation. Jaws Little League President Eli Martinez says he's been complaining about the clogged drains that cause the flooding for the past two years, but to no avail. So, every time it rains, Martinez is forced to cancel games for the 300 kids who play in his league."I want to play a game, and it's just sad seeing the water covering the field," says Little League player Jordan Cuevas. The field conditions at Crotona Park have been so bad that some teams in the Jaws Little League have had half of their seasons canceled.Martinez and the coaches in his league say the Parks Department just needs to clean out the drains to clear the water from the field.No one at the Parks Department was available to comment on the story.