THE BRONX - Parents of Little League players say they are angry after they found tickets on their cars after last Saturday's baseball game.

They say the Department of Transportation removed "No Standing" signs in the area without notifying the public.

The parents say they used to be able to park on a portion of street between the two signs, but since they've been taken down, they've been slapped with tickets.

"People can't come in to see the kids play because they're risking the chance of getting a $115 ticket every Saturday and Sunday. Thats $230 a week," says Eli Martinez, who has been a Little League coach for almost 40 years.

Parents say that parking on the other side of the park can be a headache because it's all residential housing.

The parents say they will fight the tickets and will bring the issue up at next month's board meeting.

The DOT says that it is in the process of reviewing the areas of concern to make sure all the right signs are in place.