THE BRONX - Dancers with a local theater company gave a special sneak peek into their performance for this weekend’s annual Bronx Ball on Wednesday at the Bronx County Building.

With the support of the New York City Ballet, the group Dance Squared Dance Theater – also known as D2DT - previewed a portion of its larger performance that will be showcased this weekend in honor of Artistic Director of Ballet Hispanico Eduardo Vilaro.

The piece was created by Bronx resident and founder Abdul Latif, who says his choreography is where the studio meets the streets. "Having absorbed all of this energy of living here in the Bronx and observe how classical ballet has had an influence and where those two come together."

Latif says he’s very excited about this opportunity because it’s not just about those who can afford a ticket to the gala, but for the everyday Bronx residents to experience the arts right in their neighborhood.