HUNTS POINT - A Hunts Point strip club could close down soon after a joint effort by local and state officials to convince the state liquor authority to revoke its license.

Community Board 2 says Club Eleven, located on Randall Avenue, may look calm during the day but that violence breaks out during the night. This past July, two men were shot and five slashed there in the early hours of the morning.

The state liquor authority has charged Club Eleven with nearly two dozen infractions since it opened in 2009. Many of the infractions have to do with assaults on site, but another three had to do with women soliciting men for what the authority calls ?immoral purposes.?

Sen. Jeffry Klein is proposing a '3 strike' law to get places like the Hunts Point club to curb crime on their property.

Calls to Club Eleven's manager have gone unreturned. He is scheduled for a hearing with the state liquor authority later this month.