THE BRONX - A Locust Point man says he was issued a violation for not having a sidewalk near the side of his home on Harding Avenue.

Marty Levine says the Department of Transportation fined him for having grass where it wants concrete. He walked alongside News 12 cameras down the street and pointed out other properties with similar gaps. According to Levine, those neighbors were also issued violations.

"It's like country down here," Levine says. "Nobody walks on sidewalks down here, because there aren't any real sidewalks over here."

He got an estimate to see what installing one would cost and it ranged from $5,000 to $6,500, he says. He wants the DOT to return so he can plead his case in front of inspectors.

The DOT says it has received a request from Levine for a new inspection and will schedule one.