Neighbors in Longwood say vandals are targeting vehicles parked along Intervale Avenue in a string of break-ins.

Resident Darlene Diaz says she found one of her car windows smashed and several items taken from her vehicle after parking under a street lamp last Wednesday evening.

"I believe we are all targets in this area," Diaz says. "They don't care who it is. They want to get what they can steal and profit for themselves."

Resident Desmond Haul says several family presents were stolen from his car three months ago. He says he believes local drug users and young people are responsible for the vandalism.

There have been five reported car break-ins on Intervale Avenue between Kelly Avenue and Beck Street since the beginning of the year, according to the NYPD. Officials say there are countless unreported break-ins as well.

There are now security cameras from the San Vincente De Paul Catholic Healthcare Center pointing directly to the street where some of the incidents have occurred.

Neighbors say many of the car break-ins are happening during early morning hours. They say the only thing they can do is not leave items in their cars that would attract a possible thief.

Anyone with information on the recent break-ins is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.