THE BRONX - A group of tenants in Longwood say that the infestation of rats in their building has become so bad that they're getting bitten by the vermin.

Jesus and Zorida Dominick, of 1255 Longfellow Ave., say they have both been bitten by the rats.

The building the couple lives in houses both leasing tenants and shelter families. The Dominicks say they have three mouse traps in their kitchen alone.    

The Melendez family, who lives three flights above them, says they spotted a rat in their apartment as well.

Both families have lived in the the building for less than four months.

According to the city's Department of Finance, the building is owned by 1255 Longfellow Avenue LLC.

News 12 reached out to the building's management company, which said an exterminator comes twice a month and that there are no current open rat violations from the city's Health Department.