THE BRONX - A Bronx senior citizen lost her keys, so building maintenance workers called the FDNY to break down her door, according to family members, who want NYCHA to fix it.

Shirley Garcia says she’s been seeking repairs to her mom’s apartment at the Gun Hill Houses on Holland Avenue since July 23.

Garcia says her 74-year-old mother, Silvia, lost her keys last month and couldn't get into her apartment. She says building maintenance workers called the FDNY, who came and broke the door open, which ruined the bottom lock.

The damage also prevents the door from closing fully, which leaves the middle lock inoperable as well, Garcia says.

The only lock left is the chain at the top of the door, which can only be used from the inside.

Garcia's family has filed at least nine complaints with NYCHA, but repairs have not yet come.

Garcia also says her husband made a temporary repair to the door so that it now locks sometimes, but not reliably.

NYCHA responded saying "Working directly with the resident, staff scheduled this repair for tomorrow, when a carpenter will revisit the apartment to replace the door. We regret the impact this has had on the resident and will resolve the matter as quickly as possible."