THE BRONX - A man charged with a 2006 murder and acquitted years later is now suing New York City for millions of dollars.

In 2009, Dale Robertson was arrested and charged with second-degree murder in the death of Stacey Inman, whose body was found three years earlier, naked, lifeless and stuffed into a garbage can near a Bronx playground. The two had an intimate relationship, and prosecutors claimed that Robertson suffocated her after learning the baby Inman was carrying was not his.

Prosecutors said they found Robertson's DNA inside of Inman and on the plastic bag in which her body was found. After six years of waiting for trial on Rikers Island, a jury found Robertson not guilty.

His attorney, Conway Martindale, says the method used to collect the DNA can sometimes be inaccurate. He adds that the jury did not buy an NYPD detective's testimony that Robertson had confessed to the murder. The lawsuit alleges that he was beaten and coerced into it.

Robertson and his attorney say they officially filed the suit in January, and they will be meeting with the city's legal team next week to move the case forward in court.

Meanwhile, police say they are not actively looking for other suspects in Inman's murder.

Earlier this week, News 12 spoke with Inman's mother, Ruth Vaught, who says she will fight until there is an arrest and conviction in the case.