THE BRONX - One man says he has racked up over $11,000 in parking fines in Woodlawn.

Resident Jeremy Skehan has received 70 parking tickets in the past two years, each costing him $165.

He says the majority of his tickets have come from a spot along Webster Avenue and East 236th St. or 235th and 234th streets.

Skehan says cars parked in spots in those areas that aren't near any traffic lights, stop signs and crosswalks will usually get ticketed, even though it is legal to park there.

According to the Department of Transportation's website, cars like Skehan's parked in a "T" intersection are parked legally.

Skehan has been able to get all 70 tickets dismissed and has even filed a lawsuit over one of them.

He says he went to the 47th Precinct when he started getting the tickets and talked to police officers, but nothing changed.