THE BRONX - A gunman opened fire on an armored truck Tuesday morning, robbing $78,000 but injuring no one on Westchester Avenue, according to police.

They say the suspect escaped with two bags of money after the 10 a.m. attack on a Rapid Armored truck.

The incident occurred outside 1471 Westchester Ave. Police say two workers were transporting money inside the vehicle when a man approached them with a gun and demanded the cash.

When the victims refused, police say the suspect started firing at the two workers. Witnesses tell News 12 that they heard at least a dozen shots fired.

Surveillance video shows people fleeing the scene after shots ring out.

Police say no one was hurt. They say the suspect ran toward Colgate Avenue and may have jumped into a red Honda Accord.

This marks the second armored truck robbery in as many weeks on Westchester Avenue.

Rapid Armor Corporation has not yet responded to a News 12 request for comment.