FORDHAM HEIGHTS - A man shot to death yesterday inside his Bronx apartment may have been targeted.

The man was killed Sunday in an apartment on the fourth floor of 335 East 187th St. He has still not been identified.

Some neighbors tell News 12 that he split the apartment up into different rooms, but they did not know who else was living there.

The man had seven prior arrests, mostly for drugs, police say.

Residents say the suspects first knocked on a door on the third floor and an 81-year-old woman answered. She was thrown to the ground. The suspects apologized after realizing they had the wrong apartment, and then allegedly went upstairs and killed the man.

Police say the two suspects pistol-whipped a 19-year-old who was in the stairwell as they were leaving and took his wallet.

Residents say that there are no security cameras in the building.