THE BRONX - A Bronx man has been reunited with his family after being held in an Arizona jail for his protest of U.S. immigration laws.

Marco Saavedra was held behind bars and threatened with deportation after he and eight others crossed into Mexico to protest immigration laws back on July 22. The protest landed him in jail.

Although he's lived in the Bronx since he was 3 years old, Saavedra is an undocumented immigrant.

"It's always like a preconception, that it's like a fear to come out as undocumented. but we've realized through our organizing efforts that one is actually more safe when you're publicly undocumented," he says.

Saavedra was freed from jail after proving he would face considerable danger if the U.S. deported him to Mexico.

However, he still has many court appearances and legal tape to get through before he could possibly be granted asylum.