THE BRONX - The family of a man randomly shot to death at a bus stop in 2009 saw one of the killers sentenced to 23 years in prison Wednesday.

Mark Laramore, one of two involved in the 2009 shooting, was already convicted of randomly targeting Raymond Ortiz, a father of three with one more on the way.

Before the sentencing, Laramore tried to withdraw from a plea deal he had taken, saying his lawyers pressured him to accept it.

The judge denied his request, saying the defendant had been given ample time to change his mind before Wednesday's sentencing.

Laramore and his accomplice, Shawn White, were both convicted of one count of manslaughter each for their role in the shooting death of Ortiz.

The shooting happened outside 610 Castle Hill Ave. as Ortiz waited for a bus.

At the end of the hearing, officers immediately ushered Laramore from the courtroom in handcuffs to begin his sentence.