THE BRONX - All the snow and ice is finally melting in the borough, but it's affecting one group of Bronx residents from getting in and out of their driveways every day.

Homeowners on Thwaites Place near Bronx Park East saw the street iced over a month ago. News 12 was there when the sidewalks and back road were not clear and there was no salt or sand to help the cause.

Now, a massive crater filled with water sits in the middle of the road. There is also a bumpy section immediately after, making it hard for cars to avoid.

Residents say they have had to deal with it when going in and out of their driveways. They are begging for the property owner to put down gravel to fill the holes.

Homeowners say they have called the property owner, Mohammed Aziz, many times to fix the problem, but they have not heard back.