THE BRONX - Meat wholesaler Master Purveyors, Inc. is serving up prime cuts as June - or National Steakhouse Month - is now in full swing.

Master Purveyors has been operating under the watchful eye of patriarch Sam Solasz. The Poland native and Holocaust survivor founded the business back in 1957. He says the product has been in demand since the beginning, bringing in more than $25,000 his first day in business.

Since opening, Solasz has recruited two of his sons, Scott and Mark, to continue the family tradition.

After several decades of success, Master Purveyors looked to expand beyond its original Manhattan location, eventually settling on Hunts Point. "It's a lot better than being down in Manhattan; it's a lot easier to work," says Scott Solasz.

The move also made it easier for Master Purveyors to sell to some big names in the steakhouse world. Mark Solasz says they have been selling to Peter Luger's, 21 Club, Ben & Jack's, Smith & Wollensky and Benjamin's, among others.

In addition to servicing fine restaurants, the wholesaler recently started a new website, providing customers with a barbecue special comprising filet mignon, skirt steak, burgers and hot and sweet sausage.

When asked what makes his food taste so good, Sam Solasz said the secret is to "give the people what they order."