THE BRONX - Two Kingsbridge Heights residents are facing a slew of charges after being accused of keeping a 14-year-old girl captive in their apartment.

According to court records, Maurice Hines and Curintina Mulrain kept the minor in their apartment along University Avenue for more than a month. During that time, she was force-fed drugs, beaten and raped at gunpoint, according to the complaint.

Records show that on more than one occasion, Hines had sex with the victim without her consent – at one point pressing a gun to her head.

Mulrain allegedly helped Hines take pictures of the victim in lingerie, which were later posted online to help promote and sell the teen as a prostitute.

Hines was remanded without bail and faces charges including rape, sex trafficking and kidnapping.

Mulrain was charged with sex trafficking, kidnapping, and promoting prostitution. His bail was set at $50,000.

A third individual detained during the raid of the apartment Thursday was not charged. He is still being investigated.