NEW YORK - Mayor Bill de Blasio is defending his administration's decisions during the second snowstorm to hit the city this year.

De Blasio held a news conference in Brooklyn where he said that the Department of Sanitation has been working around the clock on snow cleanup, getting all primary roads plowed by 6 a.m., along with 90 percent of all secondary streets. He commended crews for their hard work and 12-hour long shifts.

He addressed complaints that not all neighborhoods are treated the same, saying that the city has a "five-borough approach" and that anyone who disagrees is being disrespectful to sanitation workers.

They mayor also defended keeping the public school system open, a decision many residents were quick to criticize. He said that a Tuesday night call from the National Weather Service made it clear that the snow was slowing down and that students would be able to get to school in the morning.

De Blasio added that while the snow has passed, steps still need to be taken to protect against the freezing cold and to help complete cleanup. He says anyone who can stay indoors should, and those who have to travel should try to use mass transit, keeping roads clear for plows and salt trucks.