THE BRONX - Mayor Michael Bloomberg released his annual management report Thursday, which assesses services provided by the city.

The 2008 report is a mixed bag, reflecting improved service in major areas but some deficiencies in others. For example, crime in the city continues to decrease, with felony crimes dropping for the 17th consecutive year. However, construction-related injuries and fatalities increased.

The city's streets were judged to be the cleanest they've been in more than 30 years, but the wait for pothole repairs increased to nearly three days.

In housing, overall tenant complaints decreased, while the average time it took to close a work order increased to about 40 days. The report also looked at the city's student population, which increased by 11, 471.

The city's unemployment rate inched up to 5 percent, as the turmoil on Wall Street and the overall economy continues. According to the report, more working families are living in public housing and the numbers of New Yorkers receiving food stamps rose.

Bloomberg says the annual report creates government transparency and holds public agencies accountable to the public.