NEW YORK - Mayor Bill de Blasio say the city and its multiple agencies are ready for the major winter weather event headed toward the East Coast.

Starting Friday morning, the Department of Sanitation will deploy workers on two split shifts – 2,300 workers per shift – who will be working to pre-treat the city's roadways.

Snow is expected to begin falling early Saturday through Sunday morning. Anywhere from 4-8 inches is expected, but larger predictions ranging from 8-12 inches are possible.

The mayor says it is crucial that people stay off the streets so crews can clear them. He's also urging residents to use public transportation if they must go out. Subways are expected to be running normally.

De Blasio recalled last year's predicted snow event that shut down subway systems, but turned out to be a minor snowfall.

"I think we all learned some good lessons from that situation," said the mayor.

De Blasio said he expects school to be in session on Monday, but they will wait and see what the storm has in store.