THE BRONX - Mayor Bill de Blasio says his administration is taking more steps to end homelessness in New York City.

The mayor said Monday at Bronx Works that the city has been in a constant battle trying to end homelessness. The city spent 90 days reviewing its progress in decreasing homelessness, and the mayor says the city has helped 32,000 people stay out of shelters or move from shelters into real housing in the last two years. 

He also says evictions have gone down 24 percent because people obtained access to legal services through city organizations like Home Base.

According to Mayor de Blasio, the city will be using the findings from the 90-day report to find more people at risk of becoming homeless and eliminate shelters with poor conditions.

He says the main focus is using preventative measures to keep New York residents out of shelters through a collaborative effort of city organizations.

Mayor de Blasio says the city has 58,000 people currently in shelters, but says that number would be more than 70,000 without its efforts.