NEW YORK - The 47th Precinct in the Bronx was celebrated for its progress with a crime-reduction initiative.

"Summer All Out" began in June as an initiative where over 330 administration officers were assigned to return to street patrols.

The new neighborhood policing model was designed to help engage community members as co-equal partners in the fight against crime.

NYPD officials say the success of the initiative is apparent within the perimeter of the 47th Precinct. Since the program was launched last month, the precinct has seen crime drop by 70 percent.

The efforts of the president of the 47th Precinct Community Council, Elizabeth Gill, were also celebrated, as she helped to engage Summer All Out officers and new rookie officers.

"We wanted them to know that this community welcomes them. We want them here. We need them here and this is our way of showing them that we appreciate that they're here," Gill said.