MELROSE - Parents, students and homeowners held a rally against the proposed men's homeless shelter set to open next month across the street from the Urban Science Academy.

The protesters are against the shelter opening, saying they are concerned for their children's safety.

The project is being led by the non-profit organization the Neighborhood Association for Intercultural Affairs. According to the group, the shelter will have 200 beds, and will not house sex offenders or addicts. Shelter residents will have a curfew, but that hasn't stopped parents from worrying.

Melrose residents also claim the non-profit organization and the Department of Homeless Services have been conducting back-room deals, and they only just found out about the project last month.

"The City of New York failed to give us a note of intent, which we are really upset about," said Melrose resident Ray Henry, who has already collected 300 signatures on a petition against the shelter. "We didn't know the shelter was going to be placed in this community."

Parents at the rally said they would like to see a community center or high education building go into the space instead of a homeless shelter. The Department of Homeless Services still has to sign off on the contracting agreement before the shelter can open.

Community pans proposal for Melrose homeless shelter