THE BRONX - Twenty-seven accused gang members from the Melrose neighborhood were arraigned Wednesday.

The self-proclaimed head of the Six Wild gang, Cesar Rivera, led the group as they were brought into Supreme Court. Rivera has made a name for himself as a would-be rapper and gangster.

He brags in his music videos about using young children to do his dirty work. The youngest of the 27 gang members is just 16 years old, two years older than the gang's most recent alleged murder victim.

According to investigators, 14-year-old Christopher Duran was said to be tied to a rival 280 Crips gang.

Some of the accused gang members are charged with murder, drug trafficking, conspiracy or weapons possession. Others are charged with selling crack directly to informants and undercover officers.

All of the defendants pleaded not guilty.

Three other alleged members of Six Wild are due in court Thursday.