THE BRONX - A memorial service was held at St. Margaret of Cortona School in Riverdale Saturday for a war veteran and NYPD officer who passed away last year.

The Riverdale Memorial Post 1525 of the American Legion dedicated a plaque to Sgt. Edmund P. Murray, recognizing him for six years of service as a Marine who led troops during the Gulf War. The group also donated two new water fountains to St. Margaret's, where Sgt. Murray attended school.

Sgt. Murray was a first responder after the events of Sept. 11, 2001. His family believes the conditions he dealt with at Ground Zero led to the brain cancer that killed him. Those who knew Sgt. Murray say his bravery will never be forgotten.

"Everybody who knew him loved this individual, and he represented the best and brightest America has to offer," said James Campbell, of the Riverdale Memorial Post.

Sgt. Murray's career in the NYPD spanned 25 years and earned him 45 awards.