THE BRONX - The Westchester Square Merchants Association held a meeting Tuesday to discuss plans to rebuild all the businesses destroyed by a fire Sunday.

The Merchants Association says it will provide the seven businesses affected by the blaze with temporary work space until the building can be renovated.

On the Square Flowers is temporarily housed inside Happy Flowers in Westchester Square, allowing the workers to set up shop again and take their minds off their loss.

"We keep ourselves busy during the day here," Joanna Tozha, who works at the flower shop, says. "It doesn't give us time to sit down and cry, even though our souls are in pain."

Members of the Merchants Association say they will band together in order to help the struggling businesses back on their feet.

The Merchants Association will hold another meeting March 30 to provide more resources for the business owners affected by the massive fire. The association hopes to have all seven shops back up and running by the end of April.

"We feel they didn't lose everything because they didn't lose their lives," John Bonizio, of the Westchester Square Merchants Association, says. "All the stuff can be replaced. And sometimes out of the ashes of adversity can come great things!"