THE BRONX - Bronx residents did their best to stay safe during the first major snowstorm of the season Thursday.

A messy mix of sleet, freezing rain and snow made the evening drive a mess for commuters. The Bronx saw between 1 and 2 inches of snow before the storm ended in the evening.

Motorists were urged to allow extra time to get to their destinations and to use mass transit, if possible. Experts advised drivers to remember to clean off their cars before leaving. Drivers were encouraged to make sure they had ice scrapers and windshield fluid in their cars.

?Be very careful and keep plenty of distance between you,? German Rivera, a local driver said. ?You think you can stop, and it just keeps going and going.?

Delta, Continental Airlines and JetBlue are allowing travelers to rebook flights free of charge. JetBlue customers who reschedule their flights must complete their travel by next Tuesday.

Sanitation officials said road crews are out in full force working 12-hour shifts and spreading salt around-the-clock. Sweepers are going to be out pushing slush off the roads.

Another storm is expected to hit the borough over the weekend.

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