THE BRONX - A Bronx woman says a man attacked and robbed her Saturday afternoon as she worked at a cellphone store, and the surveillance cameras recorded the incident.

The victim, a 27-year-old mother, says her assailant appeared to be a normal customer when he entered the Westchester Avenue Metro PCS store.

He asked to buy a phone with a credit card, she says, but refused to show his ID. After some more shopping, the victim says the man ordered her to go to the back of the store and told her he loved her.

She says she refused, and he threw her toward the wall and dragged her to the back room. She tried to flee into the bathroom, but he followed her inside before she could lock the door.

She says the man took money from her pockets and the cash register. He also stole her phone.

The victim says she screamed during the entire ordeal. Employees from a barber shop next door heard the commotion and went to the Metro PCS store to check on things.

The barber shop owner, Patrick Brown, says he confronted the robber, who fled. 

Brown says he and his co-workers chased the suspect four blocks before the man jumped a turnstile at the Parkchester No. 6 train subway station and escaped.

Police found the stolen cellphone at a deli on Castle Hill Avenue.

Police are working to identify the suspect.