THE BRONX - An 11-year-old Bronx boy will soon have the clearance needed so he can get a life-saving kidney transplant once contractors finish repairs on his home.

Michael Espada's doctors refused to operate on him initially, with the hospital deeming his home unfit for a safe recovery. Debbrah Figueroa, a local contractor, offered to do the needed work for free, until the building owner contacted her, asking for various kinds of insurance. Figueroa accused the owner of shutting her down.
With his surgery postponed, Michael is now undergoing dialysis three days a week, something his parents said they were hoping to avoid.

Michael and his parents got good news on Friday when the property owners sent over their own crew of contractors to start working on the needed repairs.

"It's getting done now," says Brenlly Espada, Michael's mother. "That's all that matters to me."

A spokesman for the building's property owner says the crews should finish the repairs in three to seven days so Michael can get clearance for his transplant.