LONGWOOD - Miguel Amadeo started his music career in the Bronx and over the years composed a number of classic Latin pieces sung by well-known musicians.

Amadeo owns Casa Amadeo, a Latin music store that has become a Longwood landmark. The shop has been in the Bronx for 72 years and was named a historic place in 2000 by New York State Parks Recreation & Historic Preservation.

Amadeo started writing music at 14 years old and has worked on more than 200 songs, some of which have been sung by Héctor Lavoe, Celia Cruz and El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico.

Casa Amadeo opened its doors in 1927 by brother-and-sister team Rafael and Victoria Hernandez. The shop was originally located in Spanish Harlem and called Almacenes Hernandez.

The Hernandez siblings moved the shop to the Bronx in 1939. Amadeo renamed it as Casa Amadeo in 1969 after he took over the shop.