THE BRONX - The guardian of two Bronx children who were allegedly taken by their mother, who doesn't have custody, is expected to be reunited with the children, according to police.

Shirley Garcia, who lives on Westchester Avenue, says the mother of Tyrell Yearby, 10, and Manyia Yearby, 9, didn't return the children after she picked them up on Monday after school. Garcia says she became concerned when the children weren't returned that night and missed school the next day.

Garcia has raised the children for the past six years, but the children's biological mother does have contact with them.

"Please bring the kids back so that we can make this easier on both of us," says Garcia. "We're family. We can always get through anything."

Detectives say they have been in contact with the biological mother, and, as of Friday, they were working on a way for her to return the children.

Detectives believe that the children are still in the area.