THE BRONX - Both asbestos and mold have been detected inside the walls of Montefiore's Family Health Center on East 193rd Street in Fordham.

Last month, a patient came to News 12 with mold concerns. Employees first detected a musty odor coming from a water-damaged part of the building months ago and complained. Even patients say they noticed it.

The hospital says analysis detecting asbestos was done in January. Work began in February to get rid of it and was just completed two weeks ago.

News 12 is told that dozens of staff members have been treated at the hospital's own occupational health service with respiratory symptoms.

However, Chief Medical Officer Andrew Racine says the staff members could have been sick for a number of reasons.

The NYC Health Department has inspected the building for safety. Montefiore's Family Health Center will move out of the current building to a Fordham Plaza location. The move was previously scheduled.