THE BRONX - A Bronx mother says her 5-year-old daughter was dropped off at her bus stop alone.

Canen Christian says her daughter, Solae, was walked back toward her home Tuesday afternoon by a good Samaritan, who found her upset near 183rd Street and Beaumont Avenue.

Solae, who attends P.S./M.S. 3 on Lafontaine Avenue, was able to tell the good Samaritan her address that she had memorized.

Christian says it is unacceptable to leave a 5-year-old at a bus stop by herself.

"On a general education bus, there is no requirement for the parent to be present unless a specific arrangement has been made with the school,” the Department of Education said in a statement. “However, a driver is trained not to release a child if there appears to be a safety issue or if the student appears frightened or upset."

Christian says she was not yet at the stop because the bus was running earlier than scheduled.