RIVERDALE - Gov. David Paterson announced Sunday that each of the Bronx synagogues allegedly threatened in a recent terror plot will receive money to upgrade security.

Paterson, along with federal, state and local leaders, says the Riverdale Temple and the Riverdale Jewish Center will each be given $25,000 to not only install new security systems, but to send a message of zero tolerance against violence.

"[The money will] upgrade the security for those facilities, but more importantly send a message to all non-profits and religious institutions that we are not going to tolerate the threat of violence," Paterson says.

The money was donated by a federal program that provides security for non-profit organizations, including synagogues. Paterson also sent a letter to Congress urging that program get more money in fiscal year 2010. Leaders of the synagogues say they are humbled by the community support and grateful they can protect their congregations.

AP wire services contributed to this article.