THE BRONX - With cold and flu season nearly upon us, a Bronx hospital is developing a plan to beat it.

Officials at Montefiore Medical Center are driving home the message that health care starts with vaccinations, and they are working their way toward 100 percent vaccination among their caregivers. The goal is to be examples of healthy habits so the rest of the community follows suit and gets vaccinated as well.

They attribute a marginal increase last year in immunizations to the increased information being shared, correcting the misconceptions that vaccines can make people sick. But they say the change starts first with caregivers.

"It starts first with the vaccines, but what we should all be doing is making sure we stay sanitized," says George Gresham, president of the local 1199SEIU United Healthcare union.

While more people did get vaccinated last year than years prior, they say there is still progress to be made.