THE BRONX - Montefiore Medical Center has withdrawn plans to expand in Riverdale. 

The hospital is scrapping the construction of an outpatient health clinic on Riverdale Avenue, near West 238th Street, following disapproval from both the community and local leaders.  

Neighbors complained that the new clinic would cause problems with parking, traffic and public transportation. Officials also passed a law making it more difficult to gain approval to build a multi-level facility, like the one proposed, in the Bronx. 

"Montefiore has been listening closely to the Riverdale community for the past year and we value the feedback we received," the hospital said in a statement. "Working with Riverdale's elected officials, community board and residents, we have decided not to pursue building on the Riverdale Avenue site." 

Montefiore officials say they still plan on exploring how they can enhance the community, but will look for another way. 

Meanwhile, reports say that the vacant lot that would have housed the clinic will be developed into apartment buildings.