THE BRONX - Safety concerns are rising across college campuses due to the expected layoffs of more than 300 security guards throughout the CUNY school system.

Lehman College is phasing out its contract with Andrews International security due to budget cuts, which means 20 guards will lose their jobs.

The vice president of the school sent a letter to News 12 The Bronx stating that it is in the process of transitioning the 20 positions into college security assistants to cut down on costs.

According to Johnnie Patterson, a 32BJ union representative, the guards aren't being guaranteed the positions and will have to re-apply for the new job. He says they will also take a pay cut if hired.

Union representatives and the contracted guards have been handing out flyers outside campus, asking that students help fight for their jobs. If the cuts go through, the guards' last day will be June 30.

The CUNY system said it has no comment about the cuts.