MOTT HAVEN - About a dozen suspected gang members are off the streets of the Bronx after a raid ended a profitable and violent drug ring, according to officials.

Authorities arrested several people during the raid at the Diego Beekman Apartments on East 141st Street in Mott Haven on Wednesday. They later announced that 21 people were indicted on drug and weapons charges in the case.

The suspects are accused of running a $15,000-a-week drug ring that included the sale of heroin, crack cocaine and marijuana on the streets, inside apartments and around schools in the Bronx. Authorities believe the drug ring started in 2010.

According to authorities, some of the suspects are members of a subset of the Bloods gang known as the "Low Rider Brims," and others are allegedly part of the "Young Shooters" gang.

Police believe the gang members are responsible for at least two shootings that involved rival gangs, one of which happened midday in 2013; the other involved someone shooting into an apartment in 2014.

Robert Boyce, who is the NYPD chief of detectives, said the investigation started around February 2015 and included undercover drug buys.

The investigation was a coordinated operation between the NYPD Bronx Gang Squad, the Drug Enforcement Administration and other agencies.