THE BRONX - First rats and garbage, and now maggots. It's what tenants in one Morrisania apartment building say they're living with every day.

According to residents at 3125 Park Ave., there is an unbearable stench in their lobby. They believe that whatever is causing the odor is responsible for bringing maggots, but say they've been dealing with the other issues for weeks.

The 17-floor apartment building includes tenants who are children, as well as elderly and disabled. They worry that the conditions are getting so bad that it could be harmful to all of their health. Tenants also complain that they can't use certain entrances because of the maggots and rats.

One resident said that on Tuesday evening an emergency housing crew came to remedy the issue and pulled a cat out from the floor boards, which was causing the smell.  She adds that the cleanup shouldn't end there.

"Well, they still need to do more because there's dead rats up there in the ceiling," she says. "There's trash up there so it's going to come back."

Some residents say if they don't see a change soon they may be forced to move out..

News 12 reached out to NYCHA, and a spokesperson said that exterminators are working to control the rats and have cleaned up and sanitized to resolve the maggot issue.