THE BRONX - A Bronx mother is still desperate for answers after her daughter was murdered 10 years ago.

Ruth Vaught's daughter, Stacey Inman, was murdered in 2006.

The 25-year-old Bronx woman was three months pregnant when she was found naked, lifeless and stuffed into a garbage bag near a Bronx playground.

One of Inman's lovers, Dale Robertson, was charged three years after she was killed. Prosecutors say he suffocated her to death when he found out the baby was not his. After spending six years on Rikers Island awaiting trial, a jury found him not guilty last year.

Vaught says she had no idea Robertson was a part of her daughter's life and never believed he murdered her.

Prosecutors say his DNA was found inside Inman and on the plastic bag her body found was in, but that wasn't enough for the jury to convict Robertson.

According to his defense attorney, the method used to test the small sample of DNA is believed to be unreliable.

Police say that for now, the case is closed. Vaught says she will fight until there is an arrest and conviction in the case.