MOTT HAVEN - A fire at a Mott Haven post office has some residents worried that their mail is getting lost in the shuffle.

Mobile units are set up outside the E. 139th Street post office after a recent fire temporarily closed the location. Investigators believe the fire was caused by tar and other flammable materials workers were using on the roof. Postal workers moved mail that was in secure post office boxes to the mobile units.

One woman said she believes her mail was misplaced, defeating the purpose of having a secure box. She said she's yet to receive bills that she used to receive like clockwork.

"I have a really bad leg. Now I can't give my key to somebody," the patron also said about having to pick up mail in person with identification.

Postal officials maintain it's business as usual and say mail will be delivered on time until the building reopens, which may take several months. Some customers agree, saying they haven't experienced any problems with service since the fire.