THE BRONX - Residents on East 132nd Street in Mott Haven are complaining of trash, uneven roads and abandoned vehicles along their stretch of road.

While neighbors tell News 12 that they are tired and frustrated by the garbage strewn along the street, they say the biggest nuisance are four boats, two of which have been abandoned for more than three years. They also say the potholes are so large that they pose a health hazard for those walking.

Tenant Association President Allen Pastures says that there are cars being broken into by having their windows shattered on the street.

The residents say they are unsure which agency is responsible for maintaining the street, so News 12 reached out to the local community board for answers. The district manager released a statement, saying the stretch of East 132nd Street near Alexander Avenue is a non-mapped street, not a city street. They went on to say, "The owner has been fined numerous times by the city and will be charged again for the cleanup."

Research conducted by News 12 indicates that the property has been leased by the city. Within the last couple of weeks, more than three different organizations have claimed ownership, including the Harlem rail yard, the City of New York and a Bronx produce corporation.

News 12 reached out to the Department of Finance for comment, but a response has not yet been given.