THE BRONX - Mourners gathered Monday for a final farewell for the bodega worker killed last week by a man who grabbed a gun from an NYPD officer's holster.

Wali Camara, 49, was shot and killed following an altercation, police say.

As News 12 has previously reported, police charged Efrain Guzman, 30, with murder for allegedly taking an officer's gun and firing 15 shots.

Family members said they were upset at the loss of their loved one and that the death could have been avoided.

Camara worked at a deli on Valentine Avenue and would send money back to his family in Mali.

"When he left his kid, the kid was only a 6-month-old baby," said Mody Doucoure, Camara's brother-in-law. "To come here 22 years old to pick up his father's dead body — I'm sorry I'm trying to be strong for my nephew right now, but it's difficult."

Boubacar Camara, the victim's 22-year-old son, flew in from Mali to collect his father's body and transport it home.