MOUNT EDEN - Some residents in Mount Eden are wary about a plan to add another homeless shelter in the area.

Renovations have already begun to provide 42 units for homeless families at a building near 170th Street.

According to a May 2013 report by the city's comptroller's office, the Bronx has the most shelters out of all the boroughs with 148 shelters, located mostly in low-income neighborhoods. Queens, which is more than three times the size of the Bronx, has 15.

Community Board 4 says it was notified after the shelter's location was approved by the Department of Homeless Services. The board believes there should be community input into the decision-making process.

Some neighbors told News 12 that they are not against providing a place for homeless people, but they believe the Bronx should not have to shoulder the burden of the homeless population.

Six families have already moved into the new location.

The DHS has not yet returned a call to comment on this report.