THE BRONX - With fare hikes coming in the very near future, the MTA has made a decision to fire some 100 station cleaners in an effort to close a $1.8 billion budget gap.

The move comes as subway and bus fares are scheduled to increase this weekend. Riders in the Bronx say they are not looking forward to paying more for less.

"The train stations are going to look nasty, the insides of the trains are going to be nasty," says Jackie Peoples. "We already have the swine flu, and all these other bugs going around."

A recent visit by to the Yankee Stadium subway stop revealed a station littered with discarded MetroCards and rubbish.

Under the agreement the MTA reached with lawmakers in Albany, subway and bus fares will go up from $2 to $2.25 this Sunday. A monthly MetroCard will cost $89, up from $81.