THE BRONX - The price to cross the Henry Hudson Bridge may soon be going up if the MTA has its way.

The agency is considering reclassifying the bridge as a larger structure, such as the Whitestone and Triborough bridges, and hiking the toll from $2.25 to $5. A spokesperson said the jump would be incremental, with the price for cars raising to $2.75 and E-ZPass increasing from $1.75 to $2.

"$5 each way ? that's $10 roundtrip," said Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz. "That's more than the [George Washington Bridge] and [it's] probably the smallest bridge in the entire city."

Councilman G. Oliver Koppell believes drivers will skirt the $5 toll by taking the Broadway Bridge instead, causing more congestion.

The lawmakers are urging people to write Gov. Eliot Spitzer, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the MTA to voice their concerns.

The MTA is holding a public hearing Nov. 13 at Lehman College. The board is expected to decide the issue in December. The agency is also considering fare hikes for subways, commuter rails and buses to close a budget gap.

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