THE BRONX - The MTA is looking to change crowded subway lines, including the busy 6 train in the Bronx.

New agency reports show that system-wide, on-time performance for the subway dropped about 5 percent in March 2014 to 2015. The most common reason was overcrowding, causing more than 16,000 delays last year.

To combat the problem, the MTA says that it will be adjusting schedules and consolidating track work, as well as creating teams to respond to incidents causing delays.

It will also be putting personnel on the platforms at stations to make getting on and off trains less stressful.

The MTA acknowledged that 10 out of 20 lines are at peak train and track capacity, which includes stops along the 6 line, causing a ripple effect felt through the entire system.

The changes are expected to be implemented over the next few months, with weekend subway schedules expected to expand next year.