THE BRONX - The MTA says it will be removing trash cans from 29 stations after a study showed that removing trash cans cut down on the amount of garbage littering subway cars and platforms.

A couple of years ago, the MTA removed trash cans from 10 stations citywide as an experiment to see if it would cut down on garbage. The MTA says the experiment worked and trash cans will be removed from 29 additional stations. The idea is it encourages subway riders to hang onto their trash and throw it away once they leave the station. 

The MTA says it'll also free up workers to focus on other things instead of cleaning cars and platforms and will cut down on rats.

Some riders think it's a bad idea, saying people will just throw their garbage on the tracks. The MTA acknowledges there's been more trash dumped on the tracks, but the overall amount of trash they've picked up has dropped 66 percent.