THE BRONX - A mural paying tribute to two friends who passed away unexpectedly in 2002 has been painted over.

The mural, which was located at the corner of East Tremont and Mapes avenues, was painted in honor of friends Darren Figueroa and Erick Figueroa.  Erick Figueroa was a corrections officer and Darren Figueroa was a DEP employee.  One of the young men died from asthma, and the other from a heart attack.

Family members say they got permission to paint the mural from the building's owner a couple of months after the friends who shared a last name died.

As of Tuesday morning, the mural was replaced by a blank, red wall.

News 12 called the building's owner, who said he's refinancing the property and the bank told him that the mural had to go.

Tats Cru, the artists who painted the original mural, say they will redo the mural if the family finds a new location.